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College of Liberal Arts is not large but has everything in it, including academic areas such as humanities, philosophy, and art. Every department emphasizes both theory and practice in teaching. Therefore, in addition to value basic academic researches, writing skills and training for editing and interview of Department of Chinese Literature, language training of Department of Foreign Language and Literature, and performances, artistic researches of Department of Music and Department of Theater Arts all have their effects. Besides, this is the best learning environment for people who aim for literature and art because each department adopts small-class teaching with exercises courses to make students reach a certain level in listening, speaking, reading and writing. On the other hand, Department of Music and Theater Arts inspire students' diverse learning aspects by enriching students' performance and creation of music, techniques and connotation of performance, direction, design and theory of theater arts.

To achieve CLA's educational goal that nurture high-class talents of humanities research and creation of arts, connotation of the goal are as following:

  1. "Deepen human discipline": Aim to develop deep human discipline of students, enrich their spiritual aspects, and teach them to respect life and serve people.
  2. "Promote macroscopic thinking": Aim to stimulate students' multi-aspect learning aspirations and develop their ability to comprehend the overall situation.
  3. "Develop holistic education": Aim to enhance students' learning vigor and make them not only be competitive in job market but also value themselves and Nature.
  4. "Broaden global view": Aim to encourage students to participate in international interactive activities and cultivate consciousness of a global citizen.
  5. "Intensify humanities and academic profession": Aim to cultivate students' outstanding academic professional skills and make them contribute to modern society.