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Departments of Music

The National Sun Yat-sen University Music Department was founded in 1989. The primary goal of the Department is to provide an environment of creative inspiration and excellence in the music performance, enrich Humanism Quality and Music Research Ability, apply cross disciplines Music Technologies, and provide the finest advanced music program in southern Taiwan for the benefit of students, faculty and the community.

The Music Department occupies a large modern facility with over seventy practice rooms with grand pianos, an outstanding Music Library and Resource Center (with extensive collections of books, journals, scores and complete editions of composers as well as over 6,000 CDs and LDs), a Computer Music Lab & Recording Room (Media Center for Applied Music), a Baroque Music room, studios, practice rooms, rehearsal areas, auditorium, and performance hall. With approximately 170 students, the Music Department has 16 full-time and 33 part-time faculties with extensive credentials from many highly regarded schools of music in the world. More than 40% of the faculties are doctoral degree holders.

The Department offers Bachelors of Arts degree in the areas of Piano, Voice, String, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Composition, and Applied Music; and Master of Arts degree in the area of Composition, Musicology, Piano, Voice, String, Woodwind, Choral Conducting, and Orchestral Conducting.



Tel: (07)5252000 ext 3331~3334