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Departments of Chinese Literature

The faculty currently consists of 17 full-time and 10 part-time members. 24 of the faculty hold doctoral degrees. 11 out of 17 are currently working on projects sponsored by the National Science Council. The department offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees; it also offers evening and summer programs for M.A. students.

The curricula include classics, history, philosophical thought, classical and modern literature, linguistics, and aesthetics. Except for launching in professional academic researches, teachers are active and energetic in education. Harmonious interaction among teachers and students is helpful in acquiring extensive and insightful knowledge. To encourage creative writing, the department hosts Hsitzu Bay Literature Award annually.


The department is renowned both for its complete yet various courses, including literature, linguistics, classics, and the history of philosophical thinking. The department highly estimates not only the in-depth research on Chinese classics, but also the founding and developing of modern trends of studies. It invites both domestic and foreign experts and scholars to give lectures which multiply students' opportunity in verifying learning.

In addition to founding four professional research units—Modern Literature Research Unit, Classics Research Unit, Languages Research Unit, and Taiwan Culture Research Unit—the department hosts international as well as national conferences, promoting academic activities. The department has contracted with Nanyang Technological University's Department of Chinese Literature (Singapore), Tohoku University's Faculty of Arts and Letters (Japan), Daito Bunka University (Japan), and Département théâtre, Université de Paris VIII - Vincennes Saint Denis (France). The student exchange program therefore provides a chance for those who would like to go abroad for further studies.

Owing to the opportunity, students would have greatly advance in their knowledge of the world. Graduate courses in the institute train students to acquire the analytic and reasoning ability to think deeply about the problems unique to the Chinese literary and philosophical tradition. Graduate students are required to complete 32 credits and write a thesis for the master's degree; 24 credits and a dissertation for the doctoral degree. To encourage and stimulate interactions among graduate students, a monthly colloquium is held.




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