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Department of Theatre Arts

Our department was formally established in 2003; we offer a distinctive bachelor’s program, which integrates theoretical and practical approaches to theatre. Since 2007, our department has also taken over the Institute of Arts Management and begun to run a postgraduate programme in Arts Management in tandem with the undergraduate. In 2009, we split the postgraduate programme in two and, alongside the postgraduate degree in Arts Management an innovative master degree in Arts Design is now available.

Theatre has always played a pivotal role in the planning and teaching of our programmes. There are three inter-related tracks established within the forum—acting and directing, drama theory, and last not least, theatre design; from the second semester, our undergraduates are encouraged to choose courses from any of these tracks, according to their own potentials and interests. Full scale productions, involving staffs, postgraduates and undergraduates, are held at least twice a year; in addition, performances and exhibitions of smaller scales are staged or displayed constantly, in various venues and throughout the year.

Our department enjoys a highly respected national and international reputation for excellence in teaching, research and performance. Among the most acclaimed performances, there are the musical extravaganza, Beauty and the Beast (2007), and the Rising Star Show in the Hu-Ling Street (2004). Again in 2007, as Taiwan Representative, our department submitted the award-winning art-works to the design contest and exhibition, Prague Quadrennial.

Our programmes, undergraduate and postgraduate alike, aim to provide all students with a firm grounding in the visual, musical, spatial and kinetic arts, involved in theatrical performance. Students acquire an all-round knowledge of the theatre within an academic context--via lectures, rehearsing, stage-managing, designing, acting, directing, etc., in our hi-tech classrooms, rehearsal rooms, design studios or studio theatres and other extensive resources of an outstanding national university.

Our ultimate goals are to train the theatre professionals who will be able to educate people in Southern Taiwan how to appreciate theatre arts, improve their cultural life, as well as the performance and management qualities of local troupes, and to establish the Department as a new source for training and researching in Taiwanese theatre.



Tel: (07)5252000 ext 3381~3401