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0 Secretary : Lin Liang-chih
Contact EXIT:3001


1. Assist the dean in administrating the college

2. Assist the dean in handling official documents and official drafts

3. Responsible for conferences and related matters such as academic evaluation meetings, academic affairs meetings, dean selection committees, principal selections (including votes of confidence).

4. Responsible for teacher evaluations, department evaluations, and academic self-evaluations

5. Handling the regulations and amendments of the department and contract related examination.

6. Control and coordinate allocations and various funds

7. Communication and coordination between the various departments and centers of the college

8. Handle personnel cases of full-time teachers in our college and assess each departments personnel

9. Handling additions of departments

10. Compile annual work report and performance reports for the college

11.Co-supervise the management and faculty of the college

12. Other tasks the dean assigns


  Administrative Officer:Guo, Wei-Wen
Contact EXIT:3005
Email:weiwen1203 AT mail.nsysu.edu.tw


1. Handling work related to the Ministry of Education Toward Becoming a Top University project (searching for short-term foreign talent, handling outstanding teaching research programs, etc.)

2. Selection of outstanding teachers for teaching and academic research

3. Responsible for the college director and management meeting, the academic committee of the college, and the investigation and follow-up of extracurricular teaching and related matters

4.  Handling record and information entry with the university system for teacher elections and various committees.

5. Responsible for the research and development of the college, teaching assistant courses, academic ethics and other related work

6. Responsible for general school affairs and checking the university system database.

7. Coordinating graduate program scholarships

8. Other tasks the dean and secretaries assign


Administrative Officer :Yuan-Chuen Yang
Contact EXIT:3006


1. Responsible for the management of space, equipment and property in the college

2. Responsible for the borrowing and charging of the venues (classrooms) in our college

3. Handle general affairs: inventory, reports, access control management, safety monitoring, leasing, hospital care, environmental cleaning, repairs, fire protection, power outage preparation, etc.

4. Scheduling the deans itinerary

5. Responsible for meetings and related matters such as the course committee meeting and the excellent teacher selection meeting

6. Responsible for selection outstanding alumni for the students affairs office, academic affairs office, general affairs office, and alumni service center

7. Publication of the National Sun Yat-sen University Humanities Journal

8. International students related affair and work

9. Supervision and management of part-time faulty

10. Design promotions and posters for events

11. Homepage and IP distribution management for the departments and centers of the college

12. Other tasks the dean and secretaries assign