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Institute of Philosophy

The Institute of Philosophy founded in 2002 is the sole philosophical academic institution in southern Taiwan. Our central concern is to further develop research on contemporary European thought as well as to foster the encounter and dialogue between philosophy and other disciplines.

While involved in diverse discourses of contemporary European thought, the members of our institute are committed to a pluralistic exchange with other disciplines. Although subscribing to a professional philosophical formation we aim at preventing philosophy from getting restricted by disciplinary borderlines and traditional modes of asking questions. We rather hope philosophy may adopt a free style and engage in many different fields of discourse, intending to think critically on all kinds of issues pertaining to our contemporary situation.

Contemporary continental philosophy not only critically continues traditional philosophy in depth and extension, its various ways of pursuing transdisciplinary research also have become very influential, and it has been making fruitful suggestions, since quite a while, on topics of philosophy of cultures. Therefore our institute not only develops research on contemporary European philosophy but at the same time intends to enhance the students' ability to think in a critical way and to reflect on culture, too. As our institute mainly is committed to contemporary philosophizing in German and French language, our goal is to train students in German and French philosophies, up to a professional level.

A second commitment is the potential of the variety of fields and transformations of philosophical thought, including transdisciplinary as well as philosophy of cultures. Thus besides enhancing the students's capacity of research and philosophical speculation, we also try to extend their knowledge and understanding of transdisciplinary and transcultural discourses in philosophy.




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