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Foreign Languages and Literature

The Department offers a wide and dynamic range of courses for students at bachelor, master, and doctoral levels; it is dedicated to promoting students' talents in foreign languages and their pursuit of human knowledge in relation to literature and linguistics. The curriculum can be generally classified into three categories: literature, linguistics, and language training courses. In literature, we offer a broad span of courses including English and American literature, European literature, comparative literature, cultural studies and literary criticism. Courses in linguistics range from linguistics 101 to phonology, phonetics, syntax, computational linguistics, discourse analysis, semiotics, stylistics, and language acquisition and teaching.

Drama, poetry, and fiction are also featured in the list of electives. In addition to English, our program covers other foreign languages, including Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Russian. Our graduate program is the first graduate institute of its field in the universities in southern Taiwan to offer master's and doctoral degrees. The master's program offers two study tracks for students interested either in literary studies or in applied linguistics. The doctoral program provides rigorous training to future academic scholars with the analytic acumen and intellectual maturity to conduct independent research in literature and cultural theories and it also initiates students to the art of teaching by allowing them to teach undergraduate English.

The faculty is engaged in a wide diversity of research projects in literary studies and applied linguistics. In literary studies, the researches are targeted at literary and cultural studies from medieval to contemporary literature. We undertake a number of research projects currently sponsored by the National Science Council in Taiwan on cross-cultural, gender and feminist issues, diasporic and ethnic literatures, orientalist discourse, Wordsworth and Romantic poetry, medieval literature, Irish literary production and politics, modernity and Asian literary production, North Native American literature, and Victorian literary periodicals. In applied linguistics, we focus on discourse analysis, cognition, and semiotics, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, interlanguage syntax acquisition, and computer-assisted language learning.

Looking toward the future, the Department, as one of the leading research institutes in Taiwan, aims to strengthen and expand its capacity to contribute to the preservation, transmission, and advancement of human knowledge. We strive to move from a national to an international level of research and teaching. We will continue our efforts in academic cooperation and exchange with universities in Taiwan and abroad, in order to broaden the cosmopolitan outlook and to establish an intellectual community of international scope.




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