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Announcement: NSYSU Campus-wide distance learning extended until June 25, 2021(A letter for student)

Dear Students,

Hope everyone continues to be well and healthy!

Due to the severity of the epidemic, the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) have announced on May 25 a nationwide extension of Level 3 Alert and school suspension through June 14, 2021. Considering the increase of confirmed cases may lead to a continuation of nationwide Level 3 Alert till the end of June, the NSYUS COVID-19 Prevention Team has adopted the second phase of the campus-wide distance learning plan from June 15 to June 25 to prevent risks of infection from unnecessary mobility. The following are measures for the distance learning extension:

  1. Course-related:
  1. Grade assessment readjustment:
  2. campus-wide distance learning mode has extended until June 25, 2021.   Please check for updated information for grade assessment in the syllabus in the course selection system after June 4 and complete the course according to the requirements.
  3. Summer courses:
  4. Minimum student number limitation for summer courses will be lifted. The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) will announce after mid-June whether distance-learning mode will be adopted. Graduating students shall evaluate the need to apply for the summer courses. Summer course selection period: June 7 to July 5; fee-paying period: June 28 to July 7.
  5. Teaching assessment survey:
  6. The survey will be combined with student's learning assessment and conducted online.
  7. Grade assessment for swimming courses:

A. Graduating students: course grade assessment will be based on class performance before the adoption of distance-learning mode.

B. Non-graduating students: those who have passed the exam will be assessed accordingly, and those who have not will be assessed in the exam to be held next academic year.

  1. English proficiency for graduation: for graduating students who have not fulfilled the requirement, alternative measures are listed below:
  1. Submit English testing assessment certificates: send an original copy of the certificate by registered mail postmarked by July 31 to the Office of Academic Affairs for verification. The original copy of the certificate will be returned by post after verification.
  2. Online course credit transfer: students can sign-up for online courses offered on Coursera, edX, FutureLearn, Udacity, OSUN, and other internationally-known platforms provided by the Teaching and Learning Development and Resources Center of the Office of Academic Affairs. After obtaining a certificate of completion, students can submit it by July 31 for verification. For online courses recommended by the Colleges, only English-taught courses with two credits or above can be transferred.  Courses being transferred may not be re-submitted to satisfy other graduation requirements.
  3. English language courses in the summer period: students can submit the certificate of completion/transcript upon completing the courses to satisfy this requirement.
  4. English Learning Portfolio completion: the point collection requirement remains the same, and students shall submit for verification before July 31. Only the 'Online Writing Consultation' class has remained in session after May 19.  

  1. Graduation Procedures:
  1. Complete the online procedure: https://web70.nsysu.edu.tw/graduate/.  Open hours will be posted on the Office of Academic Affairs website.
  2. Diploma pick-up: available on the first floor of the Administration Building before July 30. Designated dates and times will be posted on the OAA website.
  3. Diploma delivery by post: apply through the online Transcript System and complete payment. The application link will be posted on the OAA website.
  4. Commencement Ceremony: in-person ceremony on July 19 is canceled. A recorded program will be available on the website.
  5. On-campus dormitories: students living in dormitories can extend their stay for summer with the dorm fee waived. New applications are not accepted for this summer.

Finally, let us stay alert, be supportive and do not panic. Follow the regulations for epidemic prevention. We believe that life will return to normal in Taiwan very soon.

NSYSU COVID-19 Prevention Team and the Office of Academic Affairs

May 28, 2021


Office of Academic Affairs: (inquiries related to distance learning)

* Curriculum and courses:

  Ms. Hsiu-Wen Hsieh, ext. 2132, email: hsiuwen@mail.nsysu.edu.tw;

  Ms. Ying-Hua Lee, ext. 2131, email: hwlee@mail.nsysu.edu.tw.

* Grade Assessment:

Ms. Wang Chun, ext. 2122, email: wachun@mail.nsysu.eud.tw.

* Teaching and learning development and resources center (for video-equipment rental and

 technical support on Adobe Connect):

  Mr. Chih-Lung Tsai, ext. 2166, email: radditking@mail.nsysu.edu.tw;

  Mr. Sheng-Yen Li, ext. 2164, email: smalllee@mail.nsysu.edu.tw

Office of Library and Information Services:

* Cyber University and U Meeting: Ms. Yu-Chieh Lin, ext. 2525,

email: yuchieh@mail.nsysu.edu.tw;

* Microsoft Teams: Mr. Yi-hsiung Ting, ext. 2458, email: jimmytine@staff.nsysu.edu.tw;

* Cisco WebEx: Ms. Ying-ying Lyu, ext. 2459, email: yinglyu@staff.nsysu.edu.tw;

* Google Meet: Mr. Chong-yu Huang, ext. 2522, email: locustyo@mail.nsysu.edu.tw.

Office of Student Affairs:

* Licensed practical nurse (LPN) Ms. Kuo, ext. 2252.

* Psychologist Ms. Ya-chu Chuang, ext. 2233.

Dormitory Service Office: ext. 5936, 5937; landline: (07) 525-6001

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